Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Give me your hand
This endless garden is ours
Shall we run together
Until we lose our breath
Don't let my hand slip

Tell me your dream
This endless river is ours
Shall we swim together
Until the night soothes the air
Shall we share the stars

Let me hear your giggle
This endless field is ours
Shall we play in the mud together
Until the rain embraces the soil
Don't let it wash your innocence

Open your heart to me
This endless mountain is ours
Shall we take shelter together
Until the calm after the storm
Shall our fire never fade out

Spring came again
Crafts drifted apart
Eyes lost their glitter
Smiles lost their sunshine
Words grew aloof

Yet, we believed we would be eternal.

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Khaoula said...

J'ai adoré!!
عندك في الشعر ما تقول !! :)

Je dis toujours que la poésie révèle en nous ce qu'on veut cacher, ou bien l'autre un peu plus sensible que l’apparent ^^

Bravo! tu m'épates

Deceazed Fella said...

عندي برشة ما قريتش تعليق في المدوّنة =D

بالنسبة للشعر بالأنقليزية، عندي بعض المحاولات السابقة اللي تعكس خواطر شخصية
أما هاذي أول محاولة "ورديّة"، يمكن هذا أكبر تجديد
ان شاء الله ما تكونش الأخيرة =D

شكرا على التشجيع ^^

Khaoula said...
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Cherrymak said...

Salemou alaykom !!

Let me confess that I am thrilled to read what your soul has produced!

Your poem, somehow, reminds me of John Keats's "Bright Star".. even though his poetry is seldom an expression of melancholy !

Apart from the diction,the common point -- allow me to say-- would be the sincerity emanating from your lines, defying time and prolonging till eternity itself.

Deceazed Fella said...

وعليكم السلام

I just came to discover Bright Star ; perhaps it has the same vibe as my tentative =D
My intention was to write something bittersweet which could bring to surface a feeling of nostalgia.. If the reader grasps that feeling, I will be content.

Thank you for the review ^^

Cherrymak said...

I know that it is very hard to translate such a feeling and make it palpable for others to perceive ; but to be honest you have succeed in doing so =D
Be content my dear =D

It is my utmost pleasure =D

Deceazed Fella said...

Thank you ^^

Andromedae said...

I like it!
I like the lightness of it, despite the (surprisignly) bitter end :)

Deceazed Fella said...

I may safely say that bitterness is the signature of the blog!

I really appreciate your comment ^^

I apologize for the late response..

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