Friday, 19 September 2014


There has been nothing, and then he was. There has been nothing, and all of a sudden he noticed it. A bright heart-warming light that came form the other side. He instinctively held his fingers towards the light but he couldn't budge. He eagerly tried to grab a handful of that bliss with his bare eyes. He couldn't help but strive for grasping the essence of that miraculous light.

Yet, the will is doomed to be frail and power is the utter virtue.

His fervent struggle was for naught as a body of darkness was there standing between him and what he was wishing to reach. He couldn't be any more frustrated. His, then, nemesis — the body of darkness, was able to move, dance and drift in time and space like a butterfly. It was steadily walking towards the light, chattering and laughing callously. How could it dare to act that nonchalantly while it was censoring his utmost desire?! Then, his fatigue began. He was becoming feeble and old. It didn't take him long to realize that as his arch-enemy approached the light, he felt more and more faint. And, like the last standing stub of a lit candle, he could barely keep his fire of conscience alive. He was drowning slowly under thick suffocating layers of unpersonhood.

"At last I will embrace the light... and my very own demise..", he whispered.

He has been, then there was nothing.

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