Monday, 30 August 2010

Goodbye Cruel World

Well this is my first attempt so I'll try to do my best.

In a little quest to find a genuine title for this blog, I, first, tried to name it after something related to the notions of doublethink and thoughtcrime. So, I thought of naming this new born "The Art Of Solipsism". Somehow, it suits the content of this blog. But, err! It's way too schizophrenic!
The second idea I had was something related to a cold dark morgue for my volatile weird thoughts. It seems more realistic, more organized and more me. So be it!

Well, I admit I am a bad writer. I tried to be a good one but it wasn't easy for me to achieve. But, anyway, I'll do the best I can do to communicate my ideas and give the casual reader a glimpse of my daily experience.
I write mostly in English. But, I think that writing in French or in Tunisian dialect from time to time could not be avoided for thoughts are unpredictable little things.

That's all folks! Thank you for reading!


Chimère said...

العفو :)
جوست حبيت نعرف علاش
The Morgue of thoughts اسم المدونة
هاكا علاش عدت الى البداية :)


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