Monday, 30 August 2010


Hello, I introduce myself.

I am a normal and very simple guy, someone you cross in the streets in your way home after a long day, without even noticing him. An unnoticeable fellow I am, with some insane thoughts from time to time, the kind of thoughts I am going to put in this morgue.

I am fanatic of every single activity I do.
I discovered over these years that I wasn't seeking to do things in the best way they could be done but to do them simply perfect.
And, to put more stress upon this obsessive perfectionism, I learned to be very proactive, I am absolutely not paranoiac, though (am I?). I can't remember the details but I guess that this proactive side saved me a lot of trouble.
Indeed, I am good at planning, evaluating estimations and guessing the odds.

I have always been alone in what I do. This attitude seems to me more like some kind of an innate Do-It-Yourself philosophy. Shocking enough -as a consequence may be-, I can't trust anyone but myself in life. Well, I am not that disordered! I have friends and I do trust them in all the rest[!]
In fact, like any other guy, I have many friends, a bunch of them actually, but, like all the other friends out there, few of them are trustworthy.

Indeed, I have nothing in particular, just a very normal life, and to make it more normal, I have no esteem for time and money: the main ingredients for "making" a good success.

That's me and that's all it can be said about our deceased fellow.
I guess he can't be your role model. But, if you insist, you won't be able to make him liable for the substantial damages you may suffer. After all, you can't sue dead people.


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