Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Heart Dimension

'Tis the unpredictable awaited time..
My time to dive into my collateral reality..
My reality is a rigorous one full of suspicion and emotions..
'Tis in an awful contrast with this world, the most common one..
I lost lust for that world..
For none of its dwellers is near perfection..
For few are eager to torture their flaws until death..
For many do openly worship their own deficiency..
Thou makest my soul sore with that coarseness of thine..
In my heart, my one-man dimension..
Thou doth not exist, neither does thy unpleasant impertinence..
Only You do..
You do tint my life with your warm presence, awkward laughter and impulsive words..
You bring peace upon my core..
And for this I am cordially grateful..

I sincerely do love You..


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