Thursday, 7 October 2010

E Pur Si Muove

My life is a Tunisian television series: too short, too linear, too predictable.
'Tis another chapter of the perpetual clash between evil and good upon its end could not be missed the unavoidable glorious happy finale.
Few are the protagonists. Antagonists! So are they. Do not make flawed presumptions for 'tis a mere plain Tunisian television series.
None is a hero for Heroes do not exist.
None is seeking none for none is Lost.
Foes, a myriad of them there are. Friends, a handful of them there are. The fact is, the season is a relevant factor to their count. Yet, the truth is, workplace paranoia puts a perfect standstill for one's social life.
Events are likely to take place anywhere, for 'tis utterly not in a Small "Ville" where true life be.
Nonsense is the current law. Folks are trash-talking. However, one's perspective matters less for the World is a solipsist who holds the keys to the absolute reality, True History's. And True History's reality is the Gospel truth.

Thou shalt not act as thou wert a co-writer of thy Tunisian television series. By any means, no privileges are granted to thee to do so.
Thou art a mere actor. Thou shalt await and try to anticipate.

It seems to me that I lost track of the master point. And, thus this speech comes to an end.


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