Friday, 10 June 2011

The Swamp Theory

Now I can see clearly. Thank you for the nice goggles!

* * *

Good prevails they say. Yes, it does I should admit it.
It's hard to leave the three-dimensional world.
And, let's admit another fact: reality won't feed you.
Hypocrisy did, does and will do, and it generously gives you a big house with a nice porch and a lot of happy people around you, and it covers your sins with the cheap cloth of high self-esteem and satisfaction.

You could survive happily in the herd if you pick the path of his majesty and walk on the red carpet, it's a tempting option.
You could choose to keep deceiving yourself for life until the show becomes your reality.

* * *

It doesn't matter how you look to the world, there are norms you should follow, they apply on every single one.
They lie about having other standards, there is only the unique one.
We wouldn't be using the word standard, were there multiple ones, would we?
You may be an alternative fiend, but as long as you keep a sane mind, deep inside you believe in the sole standard and someday, somehow, somewhere, someone will lead you to the royal path.

* * *

How easy it is to persuade a silver dragonfly!
Just read the manual and follow the described pattern.
They all share the same knowledge.
Feeling free as the wind, they look down on the world with big eyes.
Admiring their mother
The flowing crystal water hopelessly hindered by a couple rocks
Two angry cute birds fighting over a worm
Small infant plants playing hide and seek with the happy sun
Wise trees standing there for God knows how many years guarding the land
The warm smell of wet dirt
The blinding green of life
And oh! There's a cute frog!

Wait... We hate frogs!
We curse them!
But, the spell cast upon us could not be broken, now could it?

It doesn't matter how hard a dragonfly strives for its life, it will probably end up in the stomach of the frog. That's the royal law.

You can easily read through the dragonfly, yet you fail at following the simple pattern because you own it. And the frog always predominates.
Every frog pretends to be the frog until it believes the lie and carries on his life in harmony with nature.

* * *

You are not a frog! You are something else.
You are destined to lead a holy war.
Find yours.
Feed it with your soul.
You followed the hard path. There is a price that has to be paid.

The general has to decipher the chaos of the field of war and deploy a rapid strategy in order to stop the loss of his troops.
The mad warlord goes head-on trying to flawlessly one-hit knocking out every single enemy without mercy unconscious of his own injuries.
You could be the wise general and attempt to stop bleeding or you could choose to be the berserk warlord and bleed to death.

* * *

Evil will rot silently
It certainly will...

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