Saturday, 5 November 2011

Once more

Dear father,

Twelve moons have been consumed since thee last farewell..
This could be a tribute.. I am unable to conclude..
I am eager to offer me remote thoughts to thee..
Some could not be spoken.. Some could.. Yet, I will not dare to tell..
I have never relied on me tongue.
I would have poured in thee cup all the love and kindness that me heart is able to hold and would not tell one word, though.

'Tis beyond me mediocre human capabilities to reminisce about thee days in mere lines.
And no image is pertinent as it should be to depict me recalls.
Human means of expression are flawed.
Hence I shall keep to meself me dearest memories of thee.
I shall keep them in their pure transcendent form.
I shall refrain from desecrating them with poor eulogy speak.

* * *

One last smile..
One last embrace..
One last moment feeling thee warm presence..

* * *

"See you in another life"

Truthfully yours
Your son

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Cherrymak said...

For once I find a meaning in "truthfully yours" .. May Allah bless his soul <3

Deceazed Fella said...


Chimère said...

الله يرحمو ،، في حاجة أن تكتب الرسالة الى الاحياء ..كلمتك أيقظت في رغبة الكتابة لابي ( الكثير يجب ان يُقال ، لا ااريد أن اكتب رسالتي مع عبارة
See you in another life
في الاخير ، رغم اني أحببت ما كتبت ..ربما لحاجة في نفسي ..الله يرحم الوالد :)

Deceazed Fella said...

تعيش و ترحّم، ربّي يبارك فيك و يحفظك و يحفظ أحبابك

We are unable to perceive the substance of our God-given happiness..
I tried to seize some moments and make theme eternal, and I've been successful to some extent!
و هذاكة اللي خفّف عليّا الحزن و الحمد لله ^^

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