Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Misanthropy : A Fairy Tale

I see no light, there is only darkness.
What does life revolve around? That is the real question.
Do not run away!
It is high time to stop this nonsense.

Despair is the fuel of life.
Please forgive me for not being there when you were in need of a helping hand.

* * *

On the origin of money and social roles
Long ago, there was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom.
The people in the kingdom had inherited a secret craft, that was mithril making.

There was a little and far away village in that kingdom whose people were the first mithril makers in history.
Near the end of each year, a group of men from that village go out with mithril goods for three months and return back with food, cattle, and furniture.
The inhabitants of the village were wealthy and happy like the other subjects of the kingdom.

Every night when the moon shows its face on the village, the elders used the celestial spindle.
The celestial spindle turned the moonlight into moon threads.
Then, the women in the village used the moon threads to make and sew the most beautiful clothes.
Those fine clothes were sold to princes and noble folks for high prices.
Common people called that precious material mithril.

* * *

On knowledge and social dynamics
On a hill at the edge of the village, there was a youth living alone.
The youth had no name for he forgot it.
Since he was alone, no one had called his name for a long time.
He forgot the need for people.
The whole existence was an absolute void in his eyes.

Every night, the youth went outside to see the moon.
Every night, he watched the elders use the celestial spindle.
One day, the youth decided that he had grown tired of humans.

Like a child who receives a toy for his birthday.
At first, he spends the day playing with the toy, talking about it, taking care of it, treasuring it, going out with it, sleeping with it.
Then, the passion fades away.
And his interest in the toy vanishes.
And it turns away from that toy to another one.

Like a mischievous kid who found an insect, he confines it, plays with it, then starts to dismantle it.
And when the insect is on the brink of death, he crushes it under his boot.
The child is still discovering the apparent existence.
It's totally instinctive to have interest in sweets and things that bring knowledge to him.
Once that thing has no knowledge to offer to the kid, he throws it right away.
No knowledge, no value.

He decided that no jewel was good enough for him.
He had seen a lot of them.
He was disappointed when he discovered how shallow that bright glow was.
A flawless stone full of cold ignorance to vital needs.

* * *

On the existence and the social delusion
Life is too chaotic to be worthy of interest.
Almost every bit of it is twisted in some way.
It has many aspects.
Few of them are persistent and volatile ones are filling every space before the eyes.
That could be the reason why humans spend their tiny existence harvesting the latter ones.
That's a strange fact.

* * *

On ...
"Someone stole the moon", cried a villager.
A crowd gathered from the four corners of the village, and there was none but indistinguishable shouts.
The crowd forgot the meaning of words.
And the crowd turned into one swarming herd, into one mindless body full of rage.
They started searching the village.
Alley alley.
House house.
Room room.

* * *

On the economic and political practice
The youth put the full moon on his table, he invited no one to share with.
The meal was big, but he could make his stomach bigger.
He started cutting and eating the edges of the round moon to make it look like a square.
Everybody loves squares in this land.
The small fluffy pieces were tasty and melting in the mouth like good old cheese.
He unleashed the gluttony inside of him and kept eating like a pig.
He didn't stop until the plate was empty.
He thought that the moon would make him full, yet his heart was crying out loud for more.

* * *

The villagers reached the hill, they asked the youth to open the door, but they had no response.
A furious young man forced the door open.
The rioters carefully took steps into the house.
They found a big plate, a lot of morsels and some moon threads on the table.
Leftovers, that was the only thing they found.

* * *

Since long humans have learned that the sole solution for gangrenous members is amputation.
The youth felt that his heart was rotting deep inside.
He stood on top of the hill, took it out and threw it to starving scavengers.
It was a thoughtful decision.
At least, it won't be wasted.

Since that night, no one had ever seen the youth nor the moon.


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Chimère said...

السلام :)

استعمالك للصور المجازية ( و تحسك متمكن من الحكاية ) يخلي فهم الرسائل الي تحب توصلهم صعيب شوية (عالأقل على مخي ههه) لكن في نفس الوقت جميل ما يرسم حرفك :)

أكثر فكرتين استوعبتهم ،أو نجمت نفهم منهم شوية

On knowledge and social dynamics
On the existence and the social delusion

و الي انجم نختصرهم في حديث للرسول عليه الصلاة و السلام "الدنيا ملعونة ملعون ما فيها إلّا ذكر الله و من والاه و عالم و متعلّم"

الدّنيا ملعونة ملعون ما فيها = Life is too chaotic to be worthy of interest.
Almost every bit of it is twisted in some way

الاستثناء = Once that thing has no knowledge to offer to the kid, he throw it right away.
No knowledge, no value

بالتوفيق و راعي في الشعب التونسي ضعفو في الانقليزية هه :) :p

Chimère said...

اي نسيت : بفف بهلولة :
حقني بديت من الاول :/ ..
الجملة الأولى
I see no light, there is only darkness
ذكرتني في الفقرة الاولى في كتاب
Cette aveuglante absence de lumière (ben jellon)
تنجم تقول جملتك هي اللحوصلة ماع فكرتو الكل لكن سي بن جلون ركز عالصورة الشعرية (حتى في البؤس)

Longtemps, j'ai cherché la pierre noire qui purifie l'âme de la mort. Quand je dis longtemps, je pense à un puits sans fond, à un tunnel creusé avec mes doigts, avec mes dents, dans l'espoir têtu d'apercevoir, ne serait-ce qu'une minute, une longue et éternelle minute, un rayon de lumière, une étincelle qui s'imprimerait au fond de mon oeil, que mes entrailles garderaient, protégeraient comme un secret. Elle serait là, habiterait ma poitrine et nourrirait l'infini de mes nuits, là, dans cette tombe, au fond de la terre humide, sentant l'homme vidé de son humanité à coups de pelle, lui arrachant la peau, lui retirant le regard, la voix, la raison

هاني سكت (نهدرز ياسر :/ )

السلام :p

Deceazed Fella said...

و عليكم السلام

شكرا على الاهتمام و التعليق ^^

اي حاولت نلخّص أكثر ما يمكن من أفكار في أقلّ ما يمكن من كلمات
ديجا برشة أفكار حول الوجود و المعرفة طرحتهم باش الحكاية ما تتعقّدش ياسر
و عندي نيّة باش نكتب هذه الأفكار بطريقة واضحة في يوم من الأيّام باذن الله

بارك الله فيك على الاثراء بالحديث النبوي الشريف
و الحق عندي في بالي حديث لو كانت الدنيا تعدل عند الله جناح بعوضة

و بالنسبة للفقرة من كتاب بن جلّون
لازمها وقفة =p
الجملة متاعي قصدت بيها أنّه الثنيّة الحاليّة تهزّ للهاوية و لا أمل لتفادي تلك العاقبة إلاّ بتغيير المسار نحو الطريق القويم
طبعا ملاحظتك فيها إضافة كبيرة ليّا، على خاطر توّة فمّة كتاب آخر لازمني نقراه ان شاء الله =D

سينون ما نجّمتش نقاوم كتابة التدوينة بالأنجليزيّة
كاهو اللغة اللي تجيني بيها الكلمات نكتب بيها
I guess you do the same when you scribe =p

اي و خوذ راحتك و حلّل على كيفك
I really appreciate that ^^

Cherrymak said...

OMG ! The idea of the moon threads is mind-blowing !!! Can I quote you or something *___*
" Alley alley..
House house.. "
زنقة زنقة .. بيت بيت ؟
Nice touch ! u_u
The lines that are just before that remind me a lot of chapter 21 from Mark Twain's Novel The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.
The throng in rage .
" The meal was big, but he could make his stomach bigger " I have never read anything like this !! It is so disturbing !! في الصميم

"Eating the moon .. Absorbing light and wanting more.. Darkness as a leftover.. Darkness forever more.." (That is what I have in mind o_o)
The lines are severed but there is that invisible thread that links the pieces to each other. Your own thread of the moon.
How mesmerizing .
يعطيك الصحّة و اللّه

Deceazed Fella said...

بالطبيعة خوذ راحتك ^^

بالظبط حكاية زنقة زنقة دار دار بيت بيت.. جيت باش نحطّ
individual individual
أما لقيتها رزينة شويّة =p

هاني قيّدته مارك توين ديجا حاط في بالي مغامرات طوم سوير ان شاء الله

I tried to make things a little bit shocking : an unnamed anti-hero, the moon feast, both parties in the conflict are fully blinded by their extreme impulsions, and the disposal of the heart
I also tried to keep the writing style as simple and clumsy as possible to make this prose worthy of its title of a dark fairy tale!

تعليق و تحليل ممتع =D
بارك الله فيك

Cherrymak said...

و فيك بارك
The prose is soaked in meanings. I like its unlimited depth !!
As for Tom Sawyer , the novel is steeped in ..
نقد لاذع يرافقه
black Humor !!
Good choice =D

Lili said...

السلام عليكم

يعطيك الصحة يا تاتاشي

تدوينة مزيانة ( رغم إلي ما فهمتش كيفاش شد الڨمرة و كلاها xD )

No knowledge, no value *-*

و في الأخير نتوجه بالشكر للغوغل ترادكشن xD

بالتوفيق إن شاء الله، و السلام عليكم

Deceazed Fella said...

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله

ربّي يبارك فيك

بون ماو يقولوا قبل اللي القمر مصنوع من الجبن
كاهو ما جبتش حاجة كبيرة من عندي =p

No knowledge, no value
بالنسبة ليّا تصحّ في الأشياء، أما الانسان لا يمكن تقدير قيمته
It's over 9000 xD (google that line)

شنوّة غوغل ترادكش؟ يزّينا عاد
الساعة عاديّة القصّة أخطى كلمتين تابعين معجم الخياطة =p
سينون خلّي نبدّل القلم =D

المدوّنة نوّرت ^^
و إيّاك، آمين
و عليكم السلام

Lili said...

منوّر بأهله ،ربي يفضلك :)
الغوغل استعملتو في هاك الكلمتين بالضبط

Cherrymak said...

looooool Over 9ooo XDD
Vegeta Powaa <33

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