Tuesday, 15 May 2012

States of Affairs

The illusion which a man could live
To thwart the decay of a confined monochromatic existence..
Craven deceitful lies..

"A hand that takes away..
Worse than the heart could apprehend..
From worse than blindness could lead to,
To a perfect smothering dim landscape.. Tomorrow..
None but this is the falsehood forever..
Smells serfdom's stench,
He whose strength is his shackles..
This is the survival of the master!
Death is a lustful soul's eternal struggle",
Wailed and through the ribs of a rotten body cleaved
A thick black smoke..

A thin little leaf
Rested in the palm of a weary hand and whispered :
"Life is a humble monk's sole march,
That is the life of the slave!
He who fights his weakness,
Feels freedom's faint incense..
None but that is the key for a day..
Today, no more blurs for the heart has awoken
To more than the eyes could reach,
More than the mind could hope for..
A hand that gives"..

Brave honest words
Made a bigger vivid world unfold
The truth which a tongue could not speak..

Thus confessed the little leaf.
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Cherrymak said...

Very impressive !! Such work is worth waiting for !

Deceazed Fella said...

Thank you for your support ^^

مريم said...

I liked so much, so sweet English, so deep words, a little bit difficult, then constructive! I had to install a dictionary to understand some words! :) congratulations. :)

Deceazed Fella said...

Thank you for your kind compliment ^^

تأبّط خيرا said...

السّلام عليكم.

You must put this line on the very beginning of the article :
"This, www.thefreedictionary.com, must be in your arsenal in order to get out unscathed of this." xD

Greet article, although I should read it again to get all its meanings ^^

Deceazed Fella said...

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله

Sorry for the trouble =p

Thank you for the reading and commenting ^^

ilbreebchi tn said...

Reading your writings is becoming a bit embarrassing u_u'

Deceazed Fella said...

Your comment is far more embarrassing =p
Thanks for reading dude ^^

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