Saturday, 2 November 2013


Hear ye, hear ye!
Here the blue words start to glide
The purest product to tarnish your mind
In my domain, by my rules you abide.

Whether you despise gore,
I forewarn you, therefore..
leave and close the door.

Dig for dogs..
No more!
Take your ice and vanish
Today you shrink
Look at your hands
Rage and hatred..
Then spite
Today you unbe.

He could barely recognize himself
Today he breaks his own ribs
He crawls under his own skin
Today he pulls out his true self
In the rubble he had rotten
Today from the rubble he rises
Again and again...
Until the world is sore..

Beg the bugs
No more!
Give me back my grave
Today I stand tall
Look in my eyes
Disdain and scorn..
Then pity
Today is my inhumation.

They are your fuel..
Your very lifeline
Burn them to a crisp
Ogle the fireball
It is your very ray of hope
Their bright ashes..
Will cleanse your very soul..
Unchain your wings!


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