Thursday, 30 December 2010


He saw a field of flowers spreading its arms for him. His senses sharpened. He heard a dim voice. It has been like an eternity since the last time that warm voice reached his ears, it has been glowing in his head for a long time, though. He saw the light of a smile, almost the sole one that has been ringing in his head day in and day out and "Thou art Deceazed Fella"! The very moment these words touched his mind "Would that mean?", he thought. An explosion hit his heart, the instinct was violently triggered. Joice and delight it was.

He saw it all, the cycle. Would that mean that he reached the final act? He was eager to it, is that so? He wouldn't thought he was waiting for it to happen that bad.

Ecstasy, fear, pain, relief it was. Had he chosen, it would utterly be this moment his most awaited one.
Now, that all the privileges to touch, feel, see and hear are finally fully granted to him, how would he react? "No way!"

In the space of a jiffy, he realized that it was none but a pale taste of it.
It was a mere mirage yet the beast was absolutely born. The worst wish stained his soul. He has already known what being released is. He had a glimpse of the ultimate freedom.

A new resolve has emerged and it will be lurking in the back of his secret dimension.
Unless the savior comes back claiming the throne, he would be addicted to it as if his very life depends on it.
"Yet thou doth not own it", he wisely replied.

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