Saturday, 12 February 2011


He was awaiting for these moments
The calm before the storm
The storm
And the calm afterwards
The lethal calm
The sound of death
The sight of despair
And its dark glow in their thought

Orange hatred
Blue oppression
White fear

He religiously believe he is able to purge the poison in his mind
His antidote is his silent rage

Rose madness
Cyan outrage
Pink mood

Going berserk and keep his composure

He took out his sole weapon
His war comrade
He cut his ears off and unfolded a new red dimension

They are living for it
Mixing their infected bloods to make a vow not to let it fade away
Blind-folded and tied for its sake
By their own deeds

Violet freedom
Black glory
Brown greed

Arsenic self-reminder
Gray amnesia
Purple memory

Life from a monochromatic self-bound window


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