Friday, 18 February 2011

The Doors of Perception

mid-summer reaches my place
i will be seeking something
until it shows its true face
a curious kitty will be shot dead
i shall close my eyes from now on
put a pillow on my head
see your mascara
you wear it like your skin
mascara, traje de noche
and you have all my gratitude
for you offered to me the closest look at this emerging life form
this new species
this mutant creature
call it whatever you think it suits you
an elegant red and black glass mask
made for a violet maiden
but i am grateful for that
new age scientists are going to envy me
curse me
come to cold-blood murder me
look at my corpse and leave me
i will not retaliate
who would?
no one dares
the box of sins was left open
go shut it
who could?
no one cares
i can not go any faster
this will not last until infinity
on three the last breath will be
believe me
that's all folks


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