Saturday, 19 March 2011

In My Absence

Good morning and welcome back ladies and gentlemen
Further ahead is the working pit and the crawling hours

In his blood, he melts the last sour piece
And felt the shadow of a sweet taste
A taste to cling to until the end of the day

With an ebony heart flowing with numbness
He perceived life go by, loneliness and laughter
With dead dry eyes filled with emptiness,
He saw the daily resurrection of the kingdom of ants

The bells of the tyrant start tolling
Angry sweating fellows are gathering
From every barren and swamp
Burning happy eyes, dirty shaved faces,
Muddy fancy clothes, ink-stained soft hands

He goes under the chaos of perfection
During his absence he sees it
The wistful demon lurking somewhere
Hunting moments of distraction
Stinging hard every weak spot

Dismissed, at last, he is released half-dead
Start living his usual lucid illusion
The pieces of his puzzling world are falling
His vermilion mirage is up in every sky
The missing rune is finally before his eyes
He faintly smiles, shut his eyelids
Dreams You...

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