Thursday, 10 March 2011

The True, The Good and The Useful

Today I'm going to tell some anecdote whom main protagonist is Socrates the famous Athenian philosopher and it goes like this:

One day, some guy run into Socrates's office breathing heavily and sweating.
"I have to tell you about some of your students", yelled the guy.
"Hold your horses my brethren!", replied Socrates, "has your story, the one you've come so eagerly to tell me, has it passed the test of three?".
"I am afraid I did not catch your purpose O great philosopher", said the sweating guy.
"Well let's see.. The first test is the test of Truth: are you sure of the information you have come to transmit to me?", asked the philosopher.
"I am not quite sure.. Someone out there told me", replied  the guy.
"That is not good.. Now with the test of Goodness, the second one: This story you have come to tell me is it good or bad?", asked the wise man.
"Well... It's not good I guess..", said the Athenian guy.
"How wonderful! Well let's take the last test now, the test of Usefulness: This thing you want me to hear is it useful?", asked Socrates.
"Well... In fact, I guess it is not", said the man.

Disappointed, the philosopher put his hand on his forehead, looked at the guy in the eyes and said: "You have no clues whether your story is a rumor or not. You tell me 'tis bad news, and even worse, you confirm 'tis useless. And still you have come this far to tell me a bad useless rumor?!"


My interpretation on this tale is that I shall avoid to forward anything that reaches me written or said etc. unless it utterly respects the following logical rule:
Truth & (Goodness | Usefulness).


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